Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Seed

The story about the farmer and the seed.
   ( in Matthew 13 and   Luke 8  )

I think it’s about opportunities and choices. It is also about various influences that we allow ourselves to affect us. It represents the state of our hearts. Receiving the word requires that we take in and understand and apply the word.
When there is no thinking and understanding, devil takes away the word. If we think over what we hear, God will give understanding, if not devil will cause a premature death of that word.
If there is no depth to our life, then difficulties and problems that come our way force us to compromise and we take the path of least resistance. Circumstances can influence us and we stop living according to the word.
If we have not made serious heart decisions about what ought to occupy our hearts, then all the desires for glory and glamour will influence us and we will embrace sensual and material things above God's kingdom. Our own self can defeat the purposes of the word.
But if we allow God's rule to influence, then we will have a fruitful, abundant life.

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