Wednesday, December 21, 2011


                                                        Christmas 2011 

For many all over the world this is a time of stress. All worrying about what to buy, what to eat, where to go and how much to spend. Basically it’s all centered on money. This money god has captured the mind of all and everything is colored by this power. Individuals are valued, relationships are evaluated and success is measured by how much influence this god has on our thinking.
In the midst of this ugly power, a helpless babe is born to undermine and destroy this addictive power. This baby in the manger was born to die, to redeem all by becoming a ransom and also to cleanse us from all that is not of the Kingdom of heaven. This baby grew to become a teacher, a prophet and eventually a sacrificial lamb that conquered death, devil and hell. The historicity of the person of Jesus of Nazareth is well established and this challenges me to consider His words, His Life and His death. No one spoke like Him or lived and died like Him. He became my guru, my role model and my ideal. Then His resurrection from the dead made all the difference between seeing Him as a perfect man and God Himself. His own words about Himself leave me without a reasonable reason to ignore Him. My own heart echoes the truth that He is not just a man and compels me to call Him Lord and God. The good news proclaimed by the angels moves me to bend my knees and adore this God, the giver of faith, hope and Love. May we all share this joy that He brings in the midst of all the uncertainties of living in an unpredictable world?
Have a Blessed Christmas. 

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