Monday, December 19, 2011


God becoming man..  What did it mean for God?
The Triune God's heart breaking with pain,sadness, anger, mercy.....
The Devil cheated the man and sowed  seeds of doubt about the goodness of God..
Man desiring to be like decide for himself what is good  and bad...
Trust turned into into death...controlled by fear instead of love...
Thoughts of the first person in the Trinity sensed by the second one…..who will go to save, rescue and redeem mankind?
God's love bringing forth from its bosom an unthinkable thought, a plan..originated in the mind of the first person who was the Father,
The Second person responding to become the thought of the first one thus becoming the Son...
The Third person.. the Blessed Holy Spirit..watching and ever waiting to animate the event..
The Son, equal with the Father and Spirit. omniscient, omnipotent and become a man..and enter space and time...
The first step of emptying was to let go of  God- power, knowledge and spaciousness.. to embrace weakness and limitation... to become nothing..just 46 chromosomes.. so minute and insignificant..
What did it mean?  we will never know....!!
The Son becoming a real human child..second Adam...Where did God create the first Adam's genetic materials?
Yes, a man choosing to become a slave, a servant, the lowest level in the hierarchy of the human system.
The Son shrunk to a single cell and was implanted by the Spirit into a borrowed womb.
How long did this process take....from the foundation of the world to the fullness of time…… many centuries on the human clock...
This incarnation would go further and would hang on a tree and die naked and buried in a borrowed tomb..
How far can the second person 'let go' for love's sake? Was it only for 33 odd years?  or was it for eternity..? Salvation of mankind cost the second person of Trinity His status and equality. He accepted  new titles given to Him, a brother, a glorified man, the bridegroom, intercessor, the advocate and a name above all other names.
Yes, incarnation meant death of the second person of theTrinity but the resurrection of a perfect Man who will represent the redeemed community for ever. He holds the keys to life and death. His heart was big enough to embrace all who trusted in Him. We now have a man in the Trinity.
The Second person of theTrinity became a real man by descending to the lowest level and became one with go back to the original place meant the reversal of the process. So He remained as a man and the Father exalted this man to the Highest level of authority and power because of His humility. Yes He became the LORD thro ughobedience.

In the stillness of the night, this man was born, just like millions of other babies before and after him..yet so different by the choices he made.... This is what Christmas is all example to follow in a power hungry world.

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