Thursday, December 29, 2016


Christmas 2016

Christmas is a good time to introspect to see where we stand in our conviction about what we profess to believe.
Mary allowed her body to be the home for the God cells to grow and take the human shape. Her obedience made the miracle possible.
Joseph nurtured and cared for the baby by watching over, providing and protecting the little one and embraced the responsibility of being the human father.
Others like the shepherds, wise men, Simeon and Anna worshipped the promised one, not knowing the whole story.
Millions of people all over the world continue to experience life changing encounters with this Jesus and their lives are being changed for the better.
Many leave the faith as it becomes difficult for them to embrace the moral demands of the gospel. Others stay at a distance. The church continues to disappoint many by becoming irrelevant in its current geo-political situation. Materialism, power games, competition and compromises mark the church. Church seems to have lost its moral prophetic voice to awake a dying world. It has no counter culture to offer as its life style is no different from the rest.
Jesus, the man from Nazareth, continues to disturb the status quo. He challenges us with Truth. He touches the raw nerve at the dark and hidden recesses of our being and exposes the lies we live by. This makes us uncomfortable. His answers are a big blow to the human ego yet Life giving to those who seek truth. He invites all but only a handful respond. He makes the dead alive through His death and offers a life that will not die.
His indwelling in us alone can empower us to live out His life in and thru us. No Christian life is possible without this. “Christ with us” is taken to another dimension where “Christ in us” becomes a reality. The heavenly perspective of “We are in Christ” is equated to “Christ in us” from the earthly perspective.
If Christ is in us, then how shall we live becomes

the question? How shall we allow His qualities and attitudes to replace ours and manifest thru our attitudes and actions?
We are called to offer our bodies to be His instruments to express and live out His life on a day to day basis. It’s a joyful voluntary submission to the One who continues to love us by His indwelling presence. This is the only rightful response to God’s love. Together we can become “Christ” to the hurting world.
May the Christ of Christmas give us faith, hope and love for 2017.

Take some time to reflect about what Christmas actually celebrates: the coming of Jesus, a fragile baby born into a politically dangerous situation. He continues to come in to our turmoil filled life and seeks a welcoming place where He can live out His life. Are we ready?

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